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Kwazulu Natal Province CLC Educator's Workshop

Street theatre group play on TB at a local health clinic.

South Africa

DVV International has been represented in South Africa since 1998 via its country office that is engaged in non-formal youth and adult education. For nearly 25 years, South Africa has had a democratically elected government. It is a middle-income country and is ranked 113 on the Human Development Index of the United Nations (2017). While above the African average, it is the most unequal country in the world (South African Human Rights Commission, 2018). Since 1994 education and training has been high on the government agenda but with an emphasis on vocational and formal school education. Since 2014 non-formal education (NFE) has been written into the adult education policy framework with the aim to include NFE. Economically disadvantaged and poorly educated people are rarely offered community education and learning opportunities that provide them with opportunities to change their lives.

Main focus of work

Support for community colleges: In various urban, peri-urban and rural communities DVV International uses a Popular Education approach in working with women and youth in order to assist them in the development of communities. Community education is offered without a prescribed curriculum. Instead, education programmes are based on an “emergent curriculum” that draws on the daily realities of the participants.  Participants analyse everyday situations and problems as they draw on their new knowledge and skills that enable them to change unequal social relations. These include addressing patriarchy, “racial” discrimination and cooperative programmes that try to ward off poverty while street theatre activities raise awareness and educate the public about social issues and mobilises communities for transformation.

Strengthening of adult education professionals: The development of adult education practitioners is offered to Community Learning Centre educators and with social movement activists across the various provinces of the country. Practitioners are supported to understand non-formal education techniques and are introduced to educational materials that address various socio-economic issues such as poverty, inequality and vocational and community education.

Expanding non-formal learning and educational practices: Together with our partners and associate organisations DVV International expands innovative participatory practices in non-formal community youth and adult education applying exemplary non-formal education practices.

Influencing policy-making: DVV International strengthens its partners and other stakeholders by hosting policy dialogues with our academic partners. These dialogues facilitate critical engagement with the Department of Higher Education and Training - Community Education and Training branch. DVV international has played key role towards the new adult education policy framework.



South Africa

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