DVV International is working together closely with the National Centre for Literacy and Adult Education attached to the Ministry of Gender, Disability, Children and Social Welfare aiming at strengthening the national adult education system. This includes some key initiatives: development of a national policy for youth and adult education, drafting of a new national monitoring and evaluation framework for the sector, revision of the national ALE curriculum, etc. 

DVV International is also engaging with the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) in promoting a holistic approach to achieving SDG4. Cooperation with civil society is focused on improved coordination between stakeholders and highlights the importance of adult education in the framework of lifelong learning.  

At the community level, the main focus is on piloting two innovative approaches – Community Learning Centres (CLCs) and Integrated Adult Education, which links literacy acquisition with livelihoods and other skills.  


The most important partner of DVV International in Mozambique at the political level is the Ministry of Education and Human Development via the National Directorate of Adult Education (DINAEA). DVV International is advising the Education Ministry within the framework of the national literacy strategy and is encouraging dialogue between government and civil society. 

Innovative approaches of DVV International and its partners serve as landmarks and support the work of adult education in Mozambique. In particular, the development and implementation of the Integrated Literacy Programme - a new literacy approach, which combines literacy with other skills and knowledge acquisition.

South Africa

In South Africa DVV International provides expertise, support and advice to the government via the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in the roll out and piloting of community colleges nationwide. DVV International also works with academic partners to support policy development.

Innovative community approaches to ALE include implementation of popular education programmes that focus on youth education and women’s empowerment. DVV International also works to strengthen the capacity of adult education professionals, disseminates innovative non-formal learning and educational practices, strengthens civil society partners, and supports advocacy to improve the political framework conditions for adult education.  




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