Ministry of Gender, Community Development, and Social Welfare

The MoGCDSW is the ministry responsible for ALE in Malawi. Key areas of cooperation include policy development. national M&E revision, strategy development, and lobbying and advocacy. Partnership is especially through the National Centre for Literacy and Adult Education (NACLAE). DVV also works with the decentralised staff of the Ministry at district level, particularly the Community Development Officers and Assisitants, in the implementation and monitoring of community-based ALE programmes. (


Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA)

The Catholic university of Malawi (CUNIMA) is an institution of higher learning accredited by the National Council for Higher Education which was established by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi on October 16, 2004. The mission of CUNIMA is to contribute to the integral development of the nation through vocation training , academic courses and research activities that are tailored to most critical needs of the nation.

DVV International and CUNIMA are working together to offer and pilot a third level course for adult educators and personel, which will contribute to the professionalization and enhance the capacity of ALE sector. Currently there are no third level institutions providing such ALE courses in Malawi.  As such many governmental and non-governmental staff working in the field of ALE do not possess any specific qualification in this field, with most being trained in community development or other related fields.


Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC)

Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) is a national umbrella organization for CSOs and NGOs working in the field of education in Malawi. It advocates for the right to quality education for all through a range of interventions, including by influencing policy, mobilizing communities for action, and exploring innovations that bring meaningful change, as well as research and capacity building. CSEC work aims to transform the school and learning environment while strengthening the national education system by influencing a positive culture that promotes education for all. 

DVV International is working with CSEC to ensure that ALE receives equal attention alongside other sub-sectors of education. CSEC has, like many national education coalitions, been mainly focused on CD, primary, secondary and tertiary education. Through activities carried out in partnership (such as workshops and round tables), as well as ongoing advocacy, ALE is gaining more recognition in Malawi. CSEC is also supporting the establishment of a thematic group for CSOs working in the ALE field. 


Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA)

CHREAA is a Malawian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights. They assist vulnerable and marginalised people to access justice through civic education. In partnership with DVV International and the Malawi Prison Service, CHREAA is implementing an education programme for prison inmates, focusing on skills training, that was rolled out in 2020.



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