A participant practicing her tailoring skills at a Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Khuwi Village, TA Kalumo, Ntchisi District (Malawi).


Young people are learning various skills through non-formal skills training programmes that help them to earn a living in economies where most work is non-formal.

DVV International Mozambique Country Director, José Mucuapa (left), at a conference in Maxixe (Central Mozambique) to discuss the importance of resource mobilisation for ALE.

DVV International Mozambique Country Director, José Mucuapa (centre), interacting with participants of Integrated Adult Education (IAE) in the district of Ntcheu in Malawi, Southern Africa. Mucuapa visited this learning centre before he facilitated the IAE training for Master trainers in Malawi's Capital City, Lilongwe.

A facilitator in Mkwera Village, TA Kalumbu, Lilongwe, Malawi during an Integrated Adult Education session.

Former Regional Director of DVV International Southern Africa David Harrington speaking at the public consultation on the development of the Adult Literacy and Education Policy in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Participants in the Integrated Literacy Programme combining literacy and numeracy acquisition with agricultural skills in Maputo District, Mozambique.

DVV International Regional Director Gerhard Quincke (standing) handingover keys for the renovcated building to Forum for Youth withn Disabilities (FDYD) Executive Director, Rex Kalima. The buidling is being used for tailoring training under the Inclusive Integrated Adult Education (IIAE).

DVV International Country Director Jose Mucuupa posing with the participants of IAE training of master of trainers in Lilongwe, Malawi. Mucuupa facilitatted this five-day training.


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