“We’re asking for subsidies increase and their monthly payment”

– Stated Adelaide Mazivila Manhique on behalf of Alphabetizers, during celebrations of International Literacy Day

During the celebrations of International Literacy Day, in 8th of last September, Adelaide Mazivila Manhique requested to Maputo Government on behalf of Alphabetizers, through the Representative of the Provincial Governor, Jorjete de Jesus, the subsidies increasing and their payment monthly and not twice a year, as it happens at this moment.

According to Manhique, Alphabetizers also call for the improvement of their working conditions, through the provision of Literacy and Adult Education Centers (AEA), to avoid that the teaching-learning process happens outside classrooms; teaching materials (notebooks, manuals, tables, etc.) as well as training on Adult Education in order to improve methodological aspects and their performance.

“We ask that school boards begin to contemplate us in the teaching materials offering such as books, tables, erasers, gowns, etc.”, said Mazivila Manhique.

Jorjete de Jesus answered saying that “we heard the concern presented by our Alphabetizers, so we will analyze it to improve the payment of their subsidies. In fact, our Government is already making efforts to ensure that our Alphabetizers have their allowances paid in time to motivate them”.


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