ALE Group shines with saving scheme in Mozambique

Participants of the ALE Group in Mozambique posing with DVV International officials.

In Mozambique, participants of the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) group are full of smiles as they benefit from the saving scheme which they formed. The group's members are able to run various income generating activities using the money from the scheme. Some years ago, they could not even calculate, read or write. This is now a thing of the past. The success of this group is attributed to different stakeholders such as the NGO APFM (Associação de Preservação da Família em Moçambique), the local Catholic parish (which is providing space) and Munhonha  Primary School (andragocical backstopping). These stakeholders are happy to see such a committed and successful group of adult learners who are eager to share their experience and motivate others to do likewise.

DVV International's office in Mozambique early February 2023undertook  an information and follow up tour through the districts of Manhiça (Maputo Province) and Dondo (Beira Province) to get acquainted to the (partly) new partnership portfolio and to plan for the new funding phase 2023 – 2025.



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