New ALE Journalism Award in Malawi

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) and DVV International have partnered to introduce the new Adult Literacy and Education (ALE) Media Award.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) and DVV International have partnered to introduce the new Adult Literacy and Education (ALE) Media Award.

The new award recognises excellence in journalism in the coverage of adult literacy and education in Malawi. The award will targets exceptional newspaper, radio, television and online adult literacy and education reporting, with a particular focus on the following areas:

  • The vital contribution of ALE in Malawi
  • Examples of best practice in holistic / multi-sectoral ALE
  • National challenges in ALE and measures to tackle them
  • ALE as a key to community and national development

The award was conceived to promote recognition of the importance of adult literacy and education on individual, community and national development in Malawi and the region.

The ALE sub-sector in Malawi is critically underfunded. Current budgetary allocation for ALE stands at a fraction of 1% of the annual education budget, which represents a significant challenge in achieving the national goals of the sector. Additionally, very few civil society actors or donors are focusing on adult literacy and education, thus failing to cover shortfalls in existing government programmes.

The introduction of the MISA Malawi ALE award is a show of commitment by MISA Malawi, CSEC and DVV International to contribute to the strengthening of the adult literacy and education sector in the country.

The award aims to partner with the media to advocate for, among others:

  • national policies and strategies for the adult literacy and education, and a legislative framework to orient the ALE sector.
  • A broader discussion on adult education that goes beyond the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills to embrace a holistic and multi-sectoral approach to ALE.
  • A financial commitment to properly resource the ALE sector, including the professionalisation of those working in ALE at all levels.

The award is part of the Annual MISA Malawi Media Awards that will be presented during a Gala Dinner, which is organised in May each year as part of World Press Freedom Day Celebrations. 

For full details on the award and eligibility and submission criteria, please visit the following address:


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