Titos Marcos Machava: an example to follow in Adult Education in Mozambique

The gender roles in Mozambique constitute a huge barrier to the eradication of illiteracy. In this country, many men tend not to attend Adult Education and Literacy because they are afraid of learn with their wives in same classe rooms because in their view, the women are weak while compared with themselves.

The statistics of the Ministry of Education and Human Development, through the Provincial Directorate of Education and Human Development of Maputo are clear proof of this fact. Of the 7,611 enrolled Alphabetizers in this year, only 1.663 are men, corresponding to about 30%. 

However, Titos Marcos Machava excited the participants in the International Literacy Day celebrations in Maputo Province, which took place at the Guava Primary School in the Marracuene District, when he told them about his story.

Machava said that he went to Guava’s Adult Education Center while he couldn’t read or write. Nevertheless, through his efforts and the Alphabetizers support he finished 6th grade in 2016; exempted the 7th  class in 2017 and, this year, is attending the 8th class in the night, in the Primary School of Albazine, in the Maputo City.

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