MOJA, an online platform for professional adult educators in Africa, goes live on Thursday 25 March 2021.

MOJA enables digital collaboration in African adult learning and education A world first to unlock the power of partnerships, knowledge-sharing and collaboration across Africa


MOJA enables digital collaboration in African adult learning and education

A world first to unlock the power of partnerships, knowledge-sharing and collaboration across Africa

This is the first time ever in Africa that adult education and learning professionals have a place where they may easily communicate with each other and form networks to share insights, experiences and outcomes so that the wider continent may benefit from a pan-African team of educators.

MOJA ( was founded when DVV International (the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband) together with its African partners identified the need for adult educators in Africa to have a universally accessible online portal to pool collective insights, experiences, resources and wisdom to advance adult education and learning.

DVV International Country Director in Ethiopia Eshetu Abate says this is a resource that’s long been lacking in Africa. “We welcome its advent with open arms. The gaps that exist between adult educators will narrow now, creating a continent-wide team of educators to help address the poverty, marginalisation and disempowerment that impacts millions of Africans.”

“Moja” is the Swahili word for “one”. The word is rich in meaning and resonance, drawing on the power of unity and pointing to the central objective of the MOJA platform: to advance adult learning and education in Africa through partnership, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

MOJA launches this month in English and French. In time, more African languages will be added.

The portal includes articles, news, links and other resources that are easy to search, download and read. It also has a library of insights, experiences and accounts of promising practices from across Africa that adult educators may investigate and adopt to enhance their own professional practices.

“MOJA is a place where adult learning and education is analysed and investigated to find best practice for Africa. The Afro-centric focus is important,” says Caesar Kyebakola, DVV International Country Director in Uganda. “For the first time, African professionals now have an easy and accessible resource to benefit from the insights and experiences of other African professionals in adult education and learning. This can only strengthen the individual and collective work to further the education of adults across the continent,” Kyebakola says.

For adult learning and education professionals, there is an option to join the MOJA community where the power of the networking is unlocked.

“The MOJA community is a place to contribute your professional adult education experiences and get feedback from others,” says Christoph Jost, director at DVV International, which commissioned MOJA’s development in South Africa. The platform was conceptualised, designed and established jointly with DVV International partner institutions across the continent.

“MOJA also offers a database of African adult learning and education organisations, and a calendar of adult learning and education events that includes online events, webinars and e-sessions. It offers users a platform to list their own adult learning and education events so that attendance and networking opportunities are optimised,” Jost says.

“Networks build strength and resilience. They maximise impact. They foster co-creation of knowledge for development and capacity building. And they embed a spirit of solidarity and unity.”

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