DVV International, Government, CSOs Commemorate ILD in Malawi

Honourable Minister for Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Grace Obama Chiumia, visiting the DVV International stand during International Literacy Day

In September this year DVV International joined the Malawi government and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in commemorating International Literacy Day (ILD) held in Manyamula in Mzimba District under the theme ‘Literacy and Skills Development” which was highlighting the role of literacy in the acquisition of skills.

The event, which was jointly commemorated by two sectors in the country - Adult Literacy and Vocational and Training sectors - was graced by the Honourable Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Grace Obama Chiumia, who was the guest of honour.

The Minister commended Civil Society Organisations for their role in uplifting adult literacy in the country specifically mentioning DVV International and the Malawi National Commission for Unesco (MNCU), among others.

“If Malawi is to make progress in fighting illiteracy, there is need for concerted efforts from all angles including CSOs. Let me thank organizations such as Malawi National Commission for UNESCO, DVV International, ActionAid and many more for sponsoring this event,” Chiumia said.

Chiumia further called on all men who are unable to read and write to emulate the example set by women who attend literacy classes, pointing out that contrary to the misconceptions in the community, it is not weakness when a man attends literacy classes.

The event this year was organised with the aim of raising awareness on the profile of literacy and to strengthen efforts to eradicate illiteracy by individual organisations in the country.

The event was preceded by a press conference 3 days to the day highlighting the importance of the ILD commemorations. The press conference was also presided over by the Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development.

The event attracted a huge audience among others attended by TEVETA authorities, youths from different skills development centres, literacy graduates and learners from adult literacy centres, NGOs and the community members.

The National Centre for Literacy and Adult Education (NACLAE) under the ministry operates literacy centres across the country targeting those who had no chance to enrol in the formal education and those who dropped out in the early grades of learning, while the vocational and training sector targets youth who have completed their secondary education to acquire vocational skills.

The International Literacy Day was designated by the UNESCO world congress of Ministers of Education in 1965 and is intended to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies as a key factor in personal, social and national development.

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